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Supplying you with happy and healthy birds

We know that you care about the welfare of animals. That is why at Whitton Pet Centre we only stock birds that are well bred and healthy. We have a variety available ranging from cockatiels down to zebra finches.
  • Stockists of cockatiels, budgies, canaries and finches.
  • Other parakeets, parrots and poultry available to order
  • Quality cages, bird foods and supplies
  • Large range of wild bird feed and accessories available
healthy birds

Quality supplies to keep your bird happy

Whatever supplies you need for your new pet, we will have them in stock, all at affordable prices. Attractive cages, high quality bird food, bird toys and treats, and if you want advice, then we're always happy to help.

Call us with any queries and we will be more than happy to help. You can rely on our experience and expert advice. 

Looking to buy a bird in Twickenham? Contact us today or buy your bird supplies online through our store. At Whitton Pet Centre we only stock quality, safe, bird toys and accessories.

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