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The perfect place for all your cold water fish and aquatic supplies

Whether you are looking to set up a new fish tank or would like some advice on the best foods to use, we can help. At Whitton Pet Centre we stock a wide selection of coldwater fish, and all the accessories for both coldwater and tropical set-ups along with all that you need to keep your fish in perfect health.
  • Goldfish, fantails and algae eaters in stock
  • Fish food suitable for all dietary needs
  • Tanks, ornaments, treatments and accessories
aquatic supplies

Getting the right advice

Not sure how many fish you can keep in your tank? Struggling with disease or fish tank water issues? We can help - we not only stock a variety of treatments but we will go that extra mile to help you solve your fish keeping problems.

First time keeper or fish-keeping extraordinaire? 
Buy from Whitton Pet Centre, we're sure to have everything you need.
If not, we will try our very best to source it for you.

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